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Mizoram Tourism

Mizoram is a state in the northeast of India. Mizoram has dramatic landscape and pleasant climate which attracts tourists from all over India. To visit Mizoram foreign tourists are required to obtain an ‘inner line permit’ under the special permit. These permits can be obtained from Indian missions abroad for a limited number of days or direct from Mizoram Government authorities within India.

Major torist attractions in Mizoram:
The state is rich in bird diversity, which has the potentiality to make it a major birding destination.

Some of the interesting sites are Mizo Poets’ Square also known as Mizo Hlakungpui Mual in Mizo, the Great Megaliths locally known as ‘Kawtchhuah Ropui’.
For Mrs Hume’s pheasant (Syrmaticus humiae), Mizoram is a stronghold.
There is also a rare record of the wild water buffalo from the state.
There are several past records of the Sumatran rhinoceros from Mizoram, then Lushai Hills.
The small population of wild elephants can be seen in Ngengpui and Dampa Sanctuaries.

Major Towns Cities of Mizoram:

The main tourist attraction in Aizawl are:

Bara Bazar
Mizoram State Museum
Durtlang Hills
Berawtlang Tourist Complex
Baktawng Village
Solomon’s Temple
Lalruanga Lung

Champhai is a border town in Mizoram state. Set on an altitude of 1678 metres. Some of the more popular tourist spots near Champhai are:

Murlen National Park
Mura Puk
Rih dïl

Khawbung is a sub-town and the administrative headquarters of Khawbung RD Block in Champhai District. The village has an interesting tourist site “Mizo Poets’ Square”. which is also known as Mizo Hlakungpui Mual. There are lots of historical and natural heritage in its neighboring villages which are included in Hlakungpui Package Tourism.

Mizo Hlakungpui Mual
Kawtchhuah Ropui
Lianchhiari Tlangabout
Lianchhiari Tui Thuhruk
Chuaibengi Lung
Puanvawrh Puk
Thasiama Seno Neihna
Fiara Tui
Lamsial Puk
Tan Tlang
Kungawrhi Hnuhluhna
Far Puk
Lungkeiphaw Tial
Chhura Chirawt Lung
Chawngvungi Lungdawh
Far Tlangpui Lungphun
Lungpher Puk
Lungsen Puk

Thenzawl is a beautiful town located in the middle of Mizoram, the main tourist attractions are:

Vantawng Falls
Benkhuaia Thlan
Tualvungi Thlan
Chawngchilhi Puk
Thenzawl Deer Park

Lunglei is a town, situated in the south-central part of Mizoram. The Main Tourist Attractions in Lunglei are:

Zobawk Sports Academy
Kawmzawl Park
Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary
Saikuti Hall
Thuamluaia Mual

Hill stations
Hmuifang Tlang
Reiek Tlang

Palak Dil
Tam Dil

Vantawng Falls

Mim Kut
Chapchar Kut
Pawl Kut

Dampa Tiger Reserve
Murlen National Park