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Lakshadweep Tourism

Literally meaning a 'hundred thousand islands', Lakshadweep has few of the most beautiful and exotic islands and beaches of India.
Lakshadweep is typically accessed from Kochi (Kerala) and a permit is required to visit Lakshadweep for all tourists (including Indians). After permit, Indians are permitted to visit all islands, however, even after permit, foreigners are permitted to just visit Agatti, Bangaram and Kadmat Islands. Permits can be obtained from Kochi itself.

The smallest Union Territory of India, 'Lakshadweep' is a group of beautiful islands, located some 400 km off India's west coast into the Arabian Sea. However, there are only 36 islands having a total area of 32 sq. kilometers. It's made up of 12 atolls, 3 reefs and 5 submerged banks. Ten Islands are inhabited.

Perhaps the charm of Lakshadweep islands lies in their remoteness. Far off the beaten track, they attract no hordes of merrymakers to their shores. The islands, though all equally mystical and beautiful, each offers a unique blend of tourist spots. Some islands have been promoted for diving and water sports, still, others have been developed so that people enjoy the charm of relaxation.

Best time for travel
Lakshadweep faces tropical type of climate. In summers, the temperature of Lakshadweep ranges between 22degreesC to 35degreesC. Lakshadweep Islands faces summer during March to May among which April and May are the hottest months. So, it is better to avoid these months for visiting Lakshadweep.

Winters of Lakshadweep Islands are not so cold but are relaxing and pleasant. Temperature during winters ranges between 20degreesC to 32degreesC. Winters in Lakshadweep falls during December to February. Lakshadweep also faces the Monsoon season but it goes through very irregular heavy rainfalls.The most common feature that can be seen in Lakshadweep is strong gust of winds arising from the Sea. If you want to take full pleasure of visiting these marvelous Islands then make up your mind to pack your bags for a memorable visit to Lakshadweep during festivals like Id-ul-fitr in October, Onam in August or September and Bakrid in March. These are the most important festivals celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in Lakshadweep. Therefore, the best and ideal time to visit this awesome destination is during the months from October to April. But, loads and loads of tourists from all over the world can be seen here in between the month November to March and top of the all, August is the most favorite one. 

1.Minicoy Island 

Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep Overview

One of the 36 small islets of Lakshadweep group of Islands, Minicoy, also known as Maliku in the local language is one of the best-kept secrets of India. It is located amidst the vast expanse of Arabian Sea, just 398 km or 215 nautical miles from the shores of Cochin. The small island encompasses the total area of 4.801 sq. km and is exclusively known for its vibrant coral reefs, quaint white-sand beaches and the fresh water of the infinite ocean.
The Minicoy Island is the second largest Island of the Lakshadweep and is one of the few inhabited islands of the group. It is best known for its luxury beach resorts that are an ideal destination for the travellers seeking tranquillity. It is also a romantic getaway to spend some quality time with your beloved amidst the clean beaches and the beautiful ocean. A trip to Minicoy Island is not about visiting the tourist places; it is about seeking the beauty of nature in its purest and most undisturbed form, as the island hasn't been spoiled by the commercialisation yet.

For the best experience, you should undoubtedly choose to stay at the luxurious beach resorts overlooking the pearl white beaches and the turquoise blue sea. This picturesque destination is a popular tourist spot and has gained immense popularity due to activities like tuna canning, tuna fishing and the presence of pristine palm fringed beaches. Tourists can enjoy some of the most memorable moments here during winters and the onset of summer, as the weather here is ideal during those months.

Kavaratti Islands, 

Kavaratti Island is one of the most beautiful gems from the Lakshadweep group of islands. The capital of Lakshadweep it is yet another island famous for its splendid sea views and the pristine white-sand beaches. Kavaratti lies 360 km from the shores of Kochi. It doesn't have its airport and Agatti is the nearest airport to the island. Under the mission to develop smart cities, Kavaratti has been chosen to be developed into a smart city in the years to come.
Kavaratti is a small island spread across an area of 3.93 sqm km, but there is no dearth of natural beauty at the islands. The island is a home to 12 atolls, five submerged banks, and three coral reefs. The spectacular views of the Arabian sea, the sparkling white-sand beaches offers solace amidst the tranquil nature.

The beaches are laden with the swinging coconut trees, and once you take a dip inside the vast expanse, you can witness the abundant marine life of the island. Kavaratti is best known for its beautiful sceneries and the enthralling water sports.

3.Marine Museum;

Marine museum

Marine museum is located in Kavaratti Island of Lakshadweep and is not only famous for mere display but is quite alluring for displaying many informative artifacts related to marine life. This museum was established in 1983 and the main motto of its foundation was to preserve and promote the marine products. Tourists can enjoy this museum by seeing wonderful and rare species of water animals, sea fishes and even different type of marine flora also. You can also find here good collection of different species of invertebrates also. In short, Marine Museum is a real charm of a trip to Kavaratti Island.




Mohiyudeen Mosque is the prime attraction of Lakshadweep and is situated in the Agatti Island of Lakshadweep. The breathtaking architectural style of the magnificent mosque is just similar to that of the Malabar temple of 16th century and its tombstones are also finely carved. The most fascinating feature of this mosque is that it is without any minarets which are rarely found. This, Mohiyudeen mosque is one of the heart captivating attraction of Agatti Island and is very popular religious site. This mosque is not less than an archeological delight for the visitors from all over the world.


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